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Privacy policy
This policy applies to usage of the "UBQ" service ("we" or "the service" in the following), which is hosted as a separate service within the website "" and associated subdomains. By the term "usage", all kind of browsing or other data retrieval from the aforementioned site is meant.
This privacy policy details what the website in the broad sense (i.e. the system Administrators of the server hosting the domain "", as well as the "website administrators" defined below) does with users' personal data. In short, this amounts to nothing: except for collecting anonymous usage statistics (more on that below) no data whatsoever is obtained by visitors of the service. Our philosophy is strongly against the indiscriminate usage of personal data gathered through the internet.
So the short version is: we don't collect any of your personal data, hence we don't communicate, sell, distribute to anybody. And why should we?
If you have any further questions not covered by this text, please reach the Data Protection Officer of through the contact address given below.
Personal data and third-party sites
No personal data is ever collected from users of the service, except for the few, lucky ones who possess an account on this service ("website administrators"). In that case, since prior to the creation of the account (a procedure that is NOT automated on the site itself) the recipient of the account is personally informed about what of their data may be collected by the service, nobody is ever subject to the despicable practice of data collection unless they know exactly what is going on. So you can relax.
As for potential third-party sites who could be able to collect personal data whilst embedded in the service's web pages, to the service owner's best knowledge no such entity is linked anywhere in UBQ's pages. You can feel safe here.
System logs
As is customary for any Web server, some access information is recorded in log files, namely: IP address from which the request originates, the request field "User-Agent" and the exact request URL, together with date and time of the request. These data are kept for no more than 12 weeks and can be inspected by the Administrators of the hosting server (which is not the same as the "website administrators") if need be (e.g. for investigations in case the server fall under attack, which in fact is our sole purpose for storing such data).
The data stored in the system logs is the only type of information that qualifies as "personally identifiable information" (PII) of relevance in this Document.
Cookie policy
A cookie is a minuscule, harmless chunk of data that is exchanged between the service and your browser to achieve various purposes, such as remembering who you are, your preferences (e.g. your preferred language), and whether you are logged in so that the service does not have to ask you every time you request a page.
More technically, a cookie is a text file that the web server sends to the browser in order to later retrieve it and know to whom it is talking. You can configure your browser to accept or reject some of all of the cookies employed by the service (continue reading to know how), keeping in mind that some of the site's functionalities may not work as intended if some cookies are disabled.
You can control and/or delete the cookies as you like - to learn more, please visit the website You can select which cookies to enable through the appropriate procedure provided below, as well as delete cookies already on your device and set most browsers to block its installation. Most browsers allow you to: For more information on how to set preferences on the use of cookies through your web browser, you can look at the relevant instructions:
In the specific case of this service, disabling all cookies does not disrupt much of the site's functioning, except for the "website administrators" (in which case the server may have a hard time remembering who you are and whether you have logged in to the service).
More on cookies
We store two cookies on the visitor's browser, both of which are categorised as "technical" and as such do not require any explicit OK from the user to be installed on the browser. In the following the two are described.
The uuid cookie is a statistics cookie with the purpose of collecting, in strictly encrypted and pseudonymized form, information on the site's usage pattern and usage frequency. No personal information whatsoever is discernible from this cookie, that is set to expire one year after having been set. In fact, the sole goal of this cookie is to have an idea of the number of users the UBQ service is being beneficial to.
Using the pseudonymized uuid cookie, the site is able to group together subsequent visits to the website that came from the same user (represented solely by a randomly-generated string of text) in order to produce usage statistics. Each entry in this database contains the ID of the viewed counter, the day the visit occurred, the time of the first and last refresh operations on the page and the total number of refresh operations by the user on that day. Some of the information thus collected, or information derivable from it, is presented to the "website administrators" in the form of graphs to assess the website usage patterns. Such data, in the anonymous form just described, is retained as long as the administrators deem necessary for the usage pattern analysis.
The uuid cookie is installed on the web browser only if the user visits the pages showing the counters numbers, i.e. the pages (or corresponding embedded i-frames) whose addresses are /counters or /showcounter/counter_name or /counter_name/ubq_cnt.html. Unless those pages are requested, the uuid cookie is not even installed.
The session cookie is sent to the browser of the "website administrators", to store their credentials, their logged-in status and nothing more. All information therein is strongly encrypted and as such does not reveal any intelligible information to a casual observer who may have access to the cookie. If you don't log in and just use the service, this is not relevant for you. Anyway, this cookie may remain in the browser for up to one year.
Further questions?
UBQ, as well as the whole of, is run with the sole goal of doing good to society and never had among its goals that of compromising people's privacy, nor the goal of making money in any way. Thus, if some violation of current legislation is ever detected, it is for sure something happening by accident and in this sense we would be happy to fix any unsatisfactory feature of the service, provided we are promptly informed of the state of affairs and asked to fix it.
The controller for the processing of the above-mentioned data is the non-profit entity "", which acts toward your data lawfully and fairly in full respect of your rights and, in particular, your privacy according to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter "General Data Protection Regulation" or simply "Regulation") and other applicable laws and regulations. For further questions or requests you can contact the Data Protection Officer at the email address provided here:
We remind you that, according to the Regulation, you are entitled: (1) to obtain access to your personal data according to Article 15 of the Regulation; (2) to obtain the correction of your personal data according to Article 16 of the Regulation; (3) to obtain the erasure of your personal data according to Article 17 of the Regulation; (4) to obtain restriction of processing of your personal data according to Article 18 of the Regulation; (5) to object to processing of your personal data based on point (f) of Article 6(1) of the Regulation; (6) to the portability of your personal data according to Article 20 of the Regulation; (7) to lodge a complaint with the Privacy Authority according to Article 77 of the Regulation.